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Python tools for obtaining and working with ICESat-2 data

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icepyx is both a software library and a community composed of ICESat-2 data users, developers, and the scientific community. We are working together to develop a shared library of resources - including existing resources, new code, tutorials, and use-cases/examples - that simplify the process of querying, obtaining, analyzing, and manipulating ICESat-2 datasets to enable scientific discovery.


Getting Started

New to ICESat-2 or icepyx? Learn how to install icepyx and use it to jumpstart your project today. Check out our gallery of examples, too!

Installation Instructions


User Guide

The user guide provides in-depth information on the tools and functionality available for obtaining and interacting with ICESat-2 data products.

Software Docs



icepyx is more than just software! We’re a community of data producers, managers, and users who collaborate openly and share code and skills for every step along the entire data pipeline.

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ICESat-2 Resources

Curious about other tools for working with ICESat-2 data? Want to share your resource? Check out the amazing work already in progress!

ICESat-2 Resource Guide

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