Tracking icepyx Usage

How is icepyx being used by the ICESat-2 data user community?

Is your team or project using icepyx but not listed below? Please add your organization to the appropriate list with a link to your project/product (or get in touch and we’ll add it)!

Projects and Organizations

Projects and organizations that use icepyx.

Publications and Presentations

ICESat-2 peer-reviewed research that utilizes icepyx and presentations that feature or explain icepyx


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Li, T., Dawson, G. J., Chuter, S. J., and Bamber, J. L. Mapping the grounding zone of larsen c ice shelf, antarctica, from icesat-2 laser altimetry. The Cryosphere, 14(11):3629–3643, 2020. URL:, doi:10.5194/tc-14-3629-2020.


Scheick, J, Arendt, A, Heagy, L, and Perez, F. Introducing icepyx, an open source Python library for obtaining and working with ICESat-2 data. 2019. Abstract and poster. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, USA. 9-13 December 2019. doi:10.1002/essoar.10501423.1.


Estimating usage of open-source software is a fundamentally difficult task, and “easy” metrics like number of downloads have the potential to be misleading.

We are excited by the enthusiastic adoption of icepyx by the ICESat-2 data user community, and despite these limitations in data tracking metrics, we have begun (November 2020) to track user downloads and page views as shown below.

GitHub Traffic

Clones and views of the icepyx library directly on GitHub.

Plots showing GitHub traffic (icepyx repository clones and views).

PyPI Downloads

Non-mirrored downloads of icepyx from the Python Package Index (e.g. using pip install icepyx).

Figure showing the number of downloads of the icepyx library from the Python Package Index by non-mirroring sites since the package became available through that index.