Contact Us

The best way to contact us depends on what information you’re looking for.

  • Need help installing, running, or using icepyx? Add a new topic to ask for help on Discourse (after reviewing the documentation and existing topics, of course, to see if they answer your question!) or attend one of our regular virtual meetings (details below).

  • Found a bug or have a feature request? Post an issue on GitHub!

  • Have an idea you’d like to discuss? Start a conversation on Discourse or attend one of our regular virtual meetings (details below).

  • Want to get involved? Do one or more of the above, or reach out to one of the dev team members individually. We’re excited to hear your thoughts and provide help!

Regular Meeting Schedule

Our team (developers, users, scientists, educators) meets regularly via Zoom to provide support, troubleshoot issues, and plan development. We meet on:

  • the second Tuesday of the month at 4pm GMT (12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific)

  • the fourth Monday of the month at 8pm GMT (4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific)

Additional information about logging in to the meetings can be found on this Discourse post.

Absolutely NO previous software development experience is necessary to attend any meeting. Think of them more like coffee hour mixed with office hours than a conference call. We look forward to seeing you there!