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Python tools for obtaining and working with ICESat-2 data

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icepyx is both a software library and a community composed of ICESat-2 data users, developers, and the scientific community. We are working together to develop a shared library of resources - including existing resources, new code, tutorials, and use-cases/examples - that simplify the process of querying, obtaining, analyzing, and manipulating ICESat-2 datasets to enable scientific discovery.


Getting Started

New to ICESat-2 or icepyx? Learn how to install icepyx and use it to jumpstart your project today. Check out our gallery of examples, too!

Installation Instructions


User Guide

The user guide provides in-depth information on the tools and functionality available for obtaining and interacting with ICESat-2 data products.

Software Docs


Development Guide

Have an idea or an ancillary dataset to contribute to icepyx? Go here for information on best practices for developing and contributing to icepyx.

Development Guide


Get in Touch

icepyx is more than just software! We’re a community of data producers, managers, and users who collaborate openly and share code and skills for every step along the entire data pipeline. Find resources for your questions here!

Get Involved!


ICESat-2 Resources

Curious about other tools for working with ICESat-2 data? Want to share your resource? Check out the amazing work already in progress!

ICESat-2 Resource Guide

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